Albums cont...

Just do it, I have to live that way.
If not projects will sit around forever.
So I got some double-sided tape, and eyeballed it as I was going.
I really like how it turned out. I am sure
there is a smarter way, but for now it's perfect,
and I am so glad to have something on that huge empty wall!

A couple months ago, my fabulous sister Cami
made a darling Family Rules Printable. She was
also kind enough to do a bunch of different colored ones,
and let people download them here for free. I had this
long frame, so I decided to steal her idea and resize it
to fit my needs. I also added a few rules.
This frame is from IKEA, so if anyone wants a
long one for their house. Let me know:)


Comments please

My grandmother had an amazing album
collection. I remember so many times sitting in
her wonderful bedroom up on North Central.
listening to her music. I loved it when she would sing along.
She had an amazing walk-in closet, tons of fabulous jewelry,
and a bathroom full of so many goodies. I could have spent
hours in there. A few weeks ago we moved her into an
assisted living home, and we were invited to come and get some mementos
for our home. I got some wonderful things when we did this
years ago when she moved out of her home on North Central.
This time I was drawn to the records, I really thought they would be
fun to use as artwork perhaps? I only grabbed about 14, so today
I lined them up. I think they might be fun to have
on our big blank wall in the front room or maybe as
semi headboards for the girl's beds? I keep going back
to the front room. I need some ideas...

What do you think?