Rock Springs

For years we have heard about the pies at Rock Springs Cafe, and have always wanted to try it out. When we went camping in May with the Finn's, we were going to stop and get some on our way home. Little did we know we would be speeding home because Chloe was in the hospital with the 1st of her seizures, so it didn't happen.

A couple weeks later, Jon had to drop off his papers at Az Game & Fish, and we realized it was only about 25 miles more to head over for pie. It was a lazy day, and we asked who wanted to go for a drive. Cooper, Macy & Buffy joined us. We got out and ran around, it had a nice little outdoor area to explore. Then Jon decided on the apple pie, and bought me a slice of coconut cream. We headed home, picked up our other kids, and went over to mom's house to share. Apparently we got them hooked, because when they went up to Munds Park a month later, they stopped and got pies on the way home for all of us. I can't wait for another road trip:)

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