Last month we went up to Jon's family cabin for a work weekend. Jon's mom just added on a new room, and is asking the family to help out with it. She also needed some new furniture brought up there. We decided to make it a fun family weekend. We needed to paint the addition, and we knew we could kick that out quickly.
When I realized that we needed to take 2 cars, I decided to let the 3 older kids invite a friend. We had invited Mike & Liz and their family to join us, and I knew that Cooper would have Zane to hang with. I loved taking friends on trips when I was a kid, and was excited to let them have the same experience!
We got really lucky, and the kids all invited fun friends that fit perfectly in the craziness. We went to the park, went on walks, we let the kids bring their bikes so they rode a lot, we went into town for bocce balls and pizza, ate cookies and cookie dough. Then on Saturday we drove into Snowflake for the Pioneer day celebration. We decided to do the rodeo, and the kids had a blast.
I love going to the cabin, and wish we could get up there more often. Here are just a few shots from the weekend...

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