Chloe and Coco
( 2 of my favorite girlies ever!)

So somehow I have a child old enough to have graduated from 8th grade. I'm still confused, because I still feel like I am 25... Something is off I guess.

We found her dress like 2 months before graduation on CLEARANCE (woohoo), but right before graduation she started 2nd guessing it. So we searched some more, but she came back to this one. I thought it and she was beautiful. I was so proud of her. She had an amazing 8th grade year, she did well in school, and has really decided to take it seriously. Her teachers loved her, her administrators loved her, her friends loved her. I am so sad she decided to leave her school for a different high school, but she is ready for new adventures.

I am so proud of Chloe's desire to do what is right, and to be modest. She was so beautiful, and was so age appropriate for the night. Some of the girls dresses and shoes made me cringe, I couldn't understand how mother's would let their daughters already dress like that! I am glad she doesn't fight me, and understands that modest is the hottest! What an amazing girl I have, I am one lucky mama!

For her gift we went and got her some black sparkly TOMS. I knew she needed new shoes for the dance, but I really didn't want to get her heels that she wouldn't wear. She LOVED the shoes, and when she decided to add the daring belt to her dress from H&M, the outfit totally turned into Chloe. Not too girlie, not too boyish, a little fun. She is so amazing and I love her sense of fashion. I also gave her a pearl ring that my mom & dad gave to me when I graduated from 8th grade. I am thankful to have those special things that I can pass on to my girls. I think that meant the most to her!

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