Day trip

I asked Macy what her favorite
part of today was and she said,
"Throwing rocks in the water."

What a doll...

Glad Lyric was with us so she could take our family pic:)

Today we were going to take the kids to the zoo, as we pulled in we realized that everyone else in the City of Phoenix had decided the same thing. One thing I love about my kids is that they are always up for anything. Sometimes they get their sights set on something, but most of the time they are pretty flexible. We sat in the parking lot and gave the kids a few options of other things we could do, they were up for anything. After a few minutes Jon suggested we head down to the river. We made a quick detour to Target to get cheap flip flops, containers in case we found any creatures that we wanted to bring home with us, some towels, and we were off.

25 minutes later we found our spot, a nice big flat rock, with a calm wading area, a stronger current passage way, lots of river rock, and fun little areas to explore. It was a great area. The kids had a blast. We only lost one flip flop to the current. There weren't very many people at all, and everyone that was not very family friendly moved on quickly.

It was a great day, I love spontaneous adventures with my kids. With money being tight I have decided that we are going to do a lot more of these this summer, to help break up the day to day grind.

The only hard part is when we do something fun without one of my kids. Chloe is at a youth conference, and I missed her. It makes me sad to think that this is going to be our life a lot more often. I have older kids that are going to be doing other things. It makes me sad to take a family picture without my whole family. Is that weird? What am I gonna do when it's time for college or missions? I'm not ready for my little family to grow up so fast. I like my baby chicks all by their mama...


2:10 p.m.

this wall makes me smile...
(ranging from 1950's -see me dad in
the bottom left corner, to present day.)

well hello there...
i like surprises in the cookies :)

been doing a lot of painting lately

she put her babies to bed...

she put herself to bed (such an angel)

heaven in a cup (or jar I guess)

best friends/cousins