So I have boxes of clothes, that I just can't get rid of. I am too sentimental. I know I can't keep them all, but parts of them make me so happy. Late one night I had an idea. I gathered whatever material I had on hand, and started cutting and hand stitching. All the cute little patches, or the sweet dress that I just loved the soft material of. I ended up with this.

In hindsight, there are things I would change. I still love it though. I only made it is big as the remnants of fabric I had to finish it with. Even the bias tape I had lying around, so I didn't spend anything to make this.

The flower, and a heart on the blanket I just cut out of one of her dresses and created the shape. I also filled it with batting so it poofs up, and she likes to squeeze it. The rest are just directly from a shirt or something, and I glued it on then hand stitched all around.

It's a soft flannel in front, and that wonderful minky dots in back. She loves it, and I had fun making it. I think I will do one for Cooper next...

What do you think?


Sheri said...

I have wanted to do something like that for a while. I have a box full of clothes that I can't/don't want to throw away. I just lack the talent.

Jeanette said...

Such a fun idea! I think my clothes may end up too trashed after going through thee boys though!

holdoug said...

That turned out so cute! Great idea!

Juliagullia said...

VERY cute! I bet she'll even love it when she's a teen and adult.

I think it's funny that we both kept everything from Mace and Mike. Only, I'm not not creative like YOU. I just got rid of it all except the outfit he came home from the hospital in.

I noticed in one of the pictures that Macie is wearing a pull-up. How's potty training going?