So I have boxes of clothes, that I just can't get rid of. I am too sentimental. I know I can't keep them all, but parts of them make me so happy. Late one night I had an idea. I gathered whatever material I had on hand, and started cutting and hand stitching. All the cute little patches, or the sweet dress that I just loved the soft material of. I ended up with this.

In hindsight, there are things I would change. I still love it though. I only made it is big as the remnants of fabric I had to finish it with. Even the bias tape I had lying around, so I didn't spend anything to make this.

The flower, and a heart on the blanket I just cut out of one of her dresses and created the shape. I also filled it with batting so it poofs up, and she likes to squeeze it. The rest are just directly from a shirt or something, and I glued it on then hand stitched all around.

It's a soft flannel in front, and that wonderful minky dots in back. She loves it, and I had fun making it. I think I will do one for Cooper next...

What do you think?


6:20 a.m.

The sun is waking up...


My hardest child to wake up,
every morning it's a fight :(

Can I please climb back in,
just for a few minutes???

I swear Andy's bag weighs
more than he does. He's
such a good student, and I am
forever thankful for that!

nom, nom, nom, nom


8:30 a.m.

morning sun...


breakfast remnants

one of my (many) projects

chocolate milk in a sippy
& nick jr

my benches
(painted for a few hours yesterday,
almost done. I *heart* the yellow)


What 10:00 looks like...

I guess she was hungry...

watching little bear with
2 of her girls :)
(she likes to have the vacuum chord
around her. I don't even roll it up

1st load of laundry

My one window that opens in the house,
it stays open until about lunchtime.
Then it's too warm

Not sure if this is Coop's tomato plant,
or Macy's daisies. I guess we will all be surprised!

If I was a fancy blogger I would have put them
on a cake plate, then I realized I am a crappy
blogger who hasn't updated in over a month.
You get the bucket shot...

NOTHING on my calendar today.