Homemade Valentine

I threw these together with some scrapbooking stuff,
and printed them out on cardstock. The girls
have a cute pink swirl for the backside,
and the boys are just plain.

Snipped a little hole to put the bookmarks
through. I have been sewing every night for a few
weeks, but it was worth it, and
I like having something to do while I
am watching tv. Buffy loves how they turned
out, hopefully her friends will too!

The boys got a piece of candy
stuck to it, nothing too fancy for
the boys (wouldn't want them
to get the wrong idea).
Buffy knew the bookmarks were too
girly for them.



I am really wishing I could be back
at the beach right now.
I guess I will just keep staring at
this picture and daydreaming...

2010 collage

Macy Love

Just when I think she can't get any cuter...

I made her this Valentine shirt today,
she loves the heart "polkie pots",
I just added the ribbon rosettes.


She's Crafty

I wanted to do something crafty
while watching tv the other night,
here is what I ended up with.
I like it a lot :)


How cool is this?
We opened up our giant bag of potatoes for
dinner the other night, and found a heart shaped one!
Chloe was the lucky recipient
(she needed a little extra love that night).