Purge 2011 - Medicine / misc. kitchen cabinet

Am I the only one whose medicine cabinet can NEVER stay organized? It doesn't help that 4 out of 5 children have daily meds they need to take, and many of them do it themselves without any regard to keeping the space neat. This is also the only cabinet that gets misc. junk from the kitchen put in it. It is the cabinet above the toaster, and I used to keep the bread items in it also. that is until it began to look like this. I loved having the bread in it though, so that is less stuff on my counter.

The red bucket is the playdough, very accessible to all, but easily put away :) The meds are put in seperate boxes, and the daily ones are all in the same box, so the kids can just pull the box down, do their biz, and put it back (hopefully), YEA! The best part is the room for the bread again, WOOHOO!

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