More than I can chew?

I made one of these for Buffy's scriptures,
she needed another bookmark.
Then I thought they would be supercute Valentine's
for their friends. After an hour and a half
cutting last night, I am not sure it was such a great idea.
What do you think? One of my friends thinks
I should try to sell them, not sure if
anybody would actually pay for it.
Thoughts please...


Just some of our decorations around
the house. The kids are have already
eaten most of the m&m's :)
Not sure if it's just right,
but it's good for now
with the stuff I had at home.

Victor wanting candy...


Purge 2011 - Medicine / misc. kitchen cabinet

Am I the only one whose medicine cabinet can NEVER stay organized? It doesn't help that 4 out of 5 children have daily meds they need to take, and many of them do it themselves without any regard to keeping the space neat. This is also the only cabinet that gets misc. junk from the kitchen put in it. It is the cabinet above the toaster, and I used to keep the bread items in it also. that is until it began to look like this. I loved having the bread in it though, so that is less stuff on my counter.

The red bucket is the playdough, very accessible to all, but easily put away :) The meds are put in seperate boxes, and the daily ones are all in the same box, so the kids can just pull the box down, do their biz, and put it back (hopefully), YEA! The best part is the room for the bread again, WOOHOO!


Purge 2011 - Kitchen junk/ziploc/plastic utensil/medicine dispenser drawer...

I really dislike this drawer.
Everything gets thrown into it,
the boxes always get crumpled,
you can NEVER find anything!

I can't believe how many sippy cup lids I threw away,
I swear they were from when Coop was a toddler!
Much more organized,
please oh please let my children keep it this way!


Purge 2011 - Spice/Cooking Cabinet


It's not horrible, but it's not great.

One thing I hate about this cabinet, is no matter how organized I try to keep it, other people use it also. It also has to store food, it's not just cooking stuff. I am really hoping the bins will help people keep it organized. A girl can hope, right?!? So here goes...

Not to shabby, right?
Let's see what it looks like in a few weeks:)


Purge 2011 - Hell, I mean Hall Closet...

I think most people are blessed to have a hall closet, and probably a linen closet, and probably a pantry, and maybe even another closet (coat or storage of some sort) in their home. We are blessed to have a spot, that is below our a/c intake, so the door is as tall as Cooper, and a little awkward inside. So needless to say, there is a lot of stuff to be stored in there, but with lazy kiddos, it's gets messy very easily, Especially since most of the stuff stored is their games. Once again, I am horrified to be showing you the before, but here goes...

1 1/2 hours, and 3 bags of trash later... Now granted, the after isn't spectacular, but at least I don't fear for my life when I open the closet door. I think I am going to have a game out today when Jon gets home, and ask him to put it away. He might have another heart attack like he did after he saw the red area in the kitchen yesterday:)


The Holidays are over...

The last bit of our holiday decor came down. I loved walking by our Christmas Card wall a million times a day. I loved seeing our friends and family's smiling at us. Until next year :)

Purge 2011

Let me warn you, what you are about to see is not pretty. I know because I have been looking at it for about a month and a half. Our house is small, and very small on storage. I am not lucky enough to have a closet where I can just throw stuff in to hide it, and between Holidays, and trying to rearrange, my craft table in the kitchen became the junk pile. I am embarrassed showing it to you, but here we go! Just scroll down...

So this year one of my resolutions is to SIMPLIFY, which means purging a lot of crap from our home and lives. I have come to the realization that we aren't going anywhere soon, so I need to make this house work for us! SO 3 1/2 hours, and 4 1/2 bags of trash later, and ta-da!

I know it's not great, but it is a heck of a lot better. Hopefully this will get some of you to conquer that area that you didn't think was possible!