Fun at the park

The boys digging until
they find mud. Every mother's dream :)

Love these girls so much!

Macy and her "Owie"

We were supposed to go to the zoo yesterday, so we loaded up and drove off. We pulled in, and there were a billion other people there, so there was no way I was doing that. I thought I would surprise them and go to the train park in Scottsdale. As we pulled in, I noticed there were a billion people there also. So we headed back to Central Phoenix, and went to our standby, Indian Steele. It was empty, and we LOVED it. I love having my kiddos home sometimes, and then there are times like right now, when I really can't wait for them all to go back to school!

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Juliagullia said...

What a Christmas haul! I know we're not kids anymore BUT boy does it make slaving over Chrismtas rewarding when we get the things our hearts desire? Love it! Glad you had a merry christmas! Hope you have a great new years!