Fun at the park

The boys digging until
they find mud. Every mother's dream :)

Love these girls so much!

Macy and her "Owie"

We were supposed to go to the zoo yesterday, so we loaded up and drove off. We pulled in, and there were a billion other people there, so there was no way I was doing that. I thought I would surprise them and go to the train park in Scottsdale. As we pulled in, I noticed there were a billion people there also. So we headed back to Central Phoenix, and went to our standby, Indian Steele. It was empty, and we LOVED it. I love having my kiddos home sometimes, and then there are times like right now, when I really can't wait for them all to go back to school!


Christmas Morning

That morning after Santa had visited

Buffy has been asking for this since her birthday
(last February),
she was very excited!

I love Coop's face!

I love Downeast, and I
love that I found that dress on
clearance for $5

Let's just say it looks like our house
is covered in nerf dart vomit...
The boys love their guns though!

Macy was in my room at 5:45 today,
asking if she could play with
her play-doh. I think she likes it!

Knives, Potato Chips & Griddles, OH MY!

Let me start of by telling everyone about my most favorite potato chips in the world. You can only get them at the Duck and Decanter, or if you live back East, or if you order them online.

For years, I have been putting them on my Christmas, Mother's Day and Birthday lists. Not because I am an addict, but I thought having some snack bags would be nice to be able to indulge myself with every once in a while.

I have also added to those lists this year, a long flat griddle, and maybe a new knife or two. I have never received the chips, and Mother's Day came and went with no new knives or griddles.

I forwarded the list to my mom and Jon again this season, and didn't expect any of it, but I always get other good stuff, so no big deal. (I was secretly hoping and praying for a cool new phone)

Christmas morning there is a box, that is as tall as Macy, and as wide as a refrigerator. The kids are all telling me that I am going to LOVE it, and dad did a great job on my presents this year. I kept teasing there was no way he did as good as me (he got a new gun, 2 hunting trips, clothes, cologne AND a Kinect for the XBOX, it seems like a lot, but the gun was in the middle of the year, and the trips are done already), they weren't so sure. So I was very intrigued.

The first box I opened, had a knife sharpener in it. I have to say there was a little disappointment. The next one had a certificate, that I will always have sharp knives in my house. It was clever, and Jon did a good job on the certificate. I didn't want to be ungrateful, but I likened it unto me giving him a brand new sewing machine with a certificate saying he will always have hemmed pants. He didn't (and still doesn't) find this amusing.

The next box, a new knife...

I was very excited to see if the big box would bring all the amazement I was hoping for. I opened it up, and there it was, a year's supply of potato chips. Jon thought he had ordered me the snack size bags, but I got 12 giant bags of potato chips. I wanted to dive in and swim around. Then as I started looking at them, we realized they all expire in February. We will be eating a lot of chips in the next 2 months (if you are having a potluck, please invite us).

This is the 1st year that Chloe went out on her own, with her own money to get us all gifts. She was so excited to give me mine. I opened it, and it was my griddle. Great job Chloe! I started looking forward to Sunday night pancakes :)

We got showered and headed over to my mom's. I couldn't wait, she always gets me great stuff (I LOVE MY MOM). The 1st thing we start off with are the stockings, and guess what's in it? Potato Chips and a new knife. I thought I was going to die! Then after all the kids rip into their goodies, I start on mine. Present #1, and a nice expensive knife. Present #2, my favorite perfume (yippee), Present #3, and nice new griddle.

Who knew this would be the year they would all listen to me?!?

Guess what we had for breakfast today? Not pancakes, but potato chips :)


Merry Christmas

I could not decide which card I liked better this year, so I did it half and half. Anyways. Merry Christmas to you from our family. I really am so very blessed! Now someone light a fire under me, so I might actually get everything accomplished today that I need to!