Could she be any cuter? I adore her squeaky voice, not looking forward to the day that I don't have any squeaky voiced babies anymore :(

A rant...

School Fundraising...

How do I dislike thee?

When Chloe was in kindergarten, they had this fabulous idea, if everyone in the school would just pay $10 per kid, we would meet our fundraising goal. Can you guess how many people took advantage? I think me & Jon. We also threw in an extra $40(we were high rollers back then with only 2 kids!)

I hate the cookie dough, the wrapping paper, the assemblies enticing your children with impossible prizes. Even when my kids try their hardest they never get a good prize, so feel so bad when the other kids get it. I think the main thing is that my family doesn't really believe in supporting their nieces and nephews school fundraising. I'd buy stuff from their kids, because that's what aunts and uncles are supposed to do, right?

This month the children were sent home with coupon booklets, for $20. I think paying for coupons defeats the whole purpose of the coupon, but on top of that they weren't really great coupons. Today was the last day, and guess what? The kids can't find there's to turn back in. We may be forking out $180 to pay for the booklets, that we won't even use.

I understand that fundraising is key to public schools, but I also think there are a lot smarter ways to do it.

So my day will consist of ripping my house apart, searching for these coupon books. I can't wait to get started!