The cast comes off

Here is the whole story, don't want to forget it!

Chloe was invited to a super fun birthday party. It was a food fight at a public park. I was beyond jealous that I wasn't invited. After the food fight, they had blue tarps that went down the park's hill, with the Fire Hydrant's as the water. One of the tarps had a hole, and as Chloe went down her finger got caught, and she snapped her wrist. She was a trooper and didn't complain until after the party. It was a Saturday afternoon, so off to Urgent Care we went. After a co-pay ($150), and x-rays, they decided it wasn't broken, and sent her home with a brace. Their instructions were to wear it until it doesn't hurt anymore (seriously).

Fast forward to 13 days later.

We get a phone call from urgent care, after more looking on the x-rays they have found a cyst on her ring finger, and tell us we should probably follow up on that sometime. I ask them how long it should take for her wrist to heal, because she is still wearing the brace, and it still hurts. The doctor then tells me that shouldn't be the case, and we need to follow up with our pediatrician. Now I am mad, when they discharged us they should have told us if it wasn't better by a certain date, then we need a follow-up appointment. I kept my cool, and made an appointment with the doc.

Appointment with doctor ($30), and new x-rays ($300) and a trip to an orthopedic surgeon ($60). It looks like there is a tiny fracture in her growth plate, she needs a cast. So she picks the glow in the dark one because we are going camping that night. It is pretty cool. Mimi blings it up before a party, friends autograph it, it gets stinky, etc... Luckily she only has to wear it for 3 weeks, but the appointment to get it off isn't for 4 weeks.

3 weeks have gone by, and Chloe is DONE. So Jon gets his dremmel, and his headlight, and off they go to the back yard. 20 minutes later, and Chloe is already washing her arm.

I think the funniest thing is that only 2 of my kids have ever broken a bone, and both of them broke their left wrist. Isn't that weird?

Macy got a new skirt...

Do you think she likes it?


A few weeks ago we had our annual "Swimming at Aunt Jo-Jo's house, while she is in Newport", it was a great way to end the summer. The kids had fun, we were all held hostage by the bees, it took mom and Jenn almost 40 minutes to get the pizza. Can't wait to do it again :) Here are a few pics from the night. I love my family!


Things I love...




She was super cranky this morning, and I was in drying my hair. I thought it was unusual that she wasn't stuck to my leg, but I was actually enjoying a little bit of freedom. When I got done I went looking for her, she was in her bed with her covers and baby doll, fast asleep. I love her so much. I guess she just really needed an early nap!


Kids in the creek

Pretty Chloe

I don't know why, but I really like
this picture.

I am in love with her
sweat suit and new tennies.
She is so darling!

Coop was only going to get his feet wet,
yea right. This was about an hour before we left.
Soaked head to toe!

The cool kids (Alexa, Chloe & Kody) finally got in the water.
I am glad that Brian convinced Kody that it
was the cool thing to do!

I did a really crappy job taking pictures on this campout, so here are the few I got! We had a great time, we headed up to Chavez Crossing in Sedona (personally the BEST place to camp). Our plan was to leave by 12:30, after physical therapy for Jon, doctor's appointment for Chloe and a cast, we actually got on the road by 3:00.

We got super lucky that the rain stayed away. Until about 3:30 in the morning. THen the sky lit up brighter than you can imagine, and a huge crack of thunder. I was positive it had struck the tree we were camping under. Then it poured, like I have never heard before until about 4:45. I was so worried we were going to wash down the Oak Creek. Sedona is big for Flash Floods.

We woke up ( well I wasn't really asleep) to sun, and it stayed sunny. The kids had a great time playing in the creek, and Macy just loved being around other kids who doted on her. It was a great little trip!