Billy, Chloe, Jon & Kaitlyn

Looking to our right

Looking to our left

Buffy & Karlie

Wednesday we headed over to La Jolla Shores. Jon wanted the kids to have a chance to snorkel, and a bunch of our crew were snorkeling and kayaking over there that day. They got to see Leopard Sharks and Sting-Rays. It was pretty exciting for them.

If we ever have a ton of money I am going to stay at the La Jolla Shores Hotel. It is right on the beach, and they have people go out and set up your umbrellas and chairs for you, and you can get room service on the beach. Now that is my kind of vacation!


Amy G. said...

Kristy, your family reunion is my kind of vacation. You are so blessed to have such a fun family that gets together on a regular basis to have FUN!

Jeanette said...

Seriously! I saw those guys setting up umbrellas--posh!