Thursday & Friday

Belmont Park
Chloe, Mikaela & Katrina

The boys

After Coop rode this wave in, he said to
Joey, " Now that's how you boogie board!"
I almost died! I LOVE that kid!!!

Jimmy's sand creation for the
Sandcastle contest.
We still never heard who the winner was!

Our last night, hanging out on the
boardwalk in front of Gigi's place

Some of the cousins,
I love these kiddos!

Thursday and Friday were Beach days. Friday was our Sandcastle contest, and that night we all got together for Cake & Ice cream and to say our goodbye's. It was sad, I didn't like having to say goodbye to my family. I love them all so much!

I don't think I mentioned that we lived a few blocks away from Belmont Park, so at night we would walk down and ride all the fun rides. It was a very cool hangout. It almost made me not mind that we weren't in Newport. It's awesome having someplace to walk to at night!

It was such a great week, and I hope we get to do it again sometime!

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