Macy playing dress-up

I am IN LOVE with this picture of her,
so Macy...

Introducing Little Orphan Macy

My Pioneer man on the trek.

We got home from Cali on Saturday, and Jon and I left for our Pioneer trek on Wednesday. We also had a friend pass away very suddenly on Sunday, so we had a funeral we had to go to on Wednesday also. It was an amazing service, and really made me look at how much more I could do with my life.

Jon and I headed off to be the photographer (me) and videographer (Jon) for the trek. It was a blast. We have fabulous kids in our stake. It also helped that Brian and Dorothy were a ma & pa, so we could laugh with them, and CW was at base camp with us. So we had such a great time (despite the mud, and our tent being in a lake). I actually made Jon drive me into Flag for the last night, I couldn't sleep in a pond.

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