Happy Birthday

I'm pretty sure these were taken just
a few months ago...
(P.S. this is one of my ALL TIME
favorite photos, EVER!
I will forever be grateful

and yet somehow she turned 2 today.

I need a pause button.
I am not ready for her to grow up!


She's Crafty...

What do you do when you LOVE to read, you LOVE to craft, you LOVE photobooth pictures, you LOVE glitter and glitz? You put it all together and make bookmarks! Most of the new photobooths give you 2 sets of pictures, so I always have an extra set. I always need bookmarks, so today I had a little fun while Macy was sleeping. Now I just need to laminate them, but that's no big deal.


1st Day

4th grade, look out
here she comes!

My 1st grader.
He was being so brave, I know it was hard.
I was so proud of him!

Fun at the Zoo

I love how excited she is in this picture!

Chloe & Coco (our adopted daughter)

She was so surprised,
so glad I got it on film!

Notice the Kimodo Dragon in the
background. The kids thought it was
pretty cool!

I find it funny that we basically go to the zoo to play in the water. I can't wait until it cools off so Macy can actually see animals. She is at the perfect age. I have a feeling we will use our pass a lot this fall while the kids are at school!

random... (again)

I love our sunsets here in Arizona,
it almost makes summer bearable.
Who am I kidding? Nothing makes
the summer bearable!

The fort I made for the kids,
I thought I did pretty dang good.
The boys slept in it that night.


Macy playing dress-up

I am IN LOVE with this picture of her,
so Macy...

Introducing Little Orphan Macy

My Pioneer man on the trek.

We got home from Cali on Saturday, and Jon and I left for our Pioneer trek on Wednesday. We also had a friend pass away very suddenly on Sunday, so we had a funeral we had to go to on Wednesday also. It was an amazing service, and really made me look at how much more I could do with my life.

Jon and I headed off to be the photographer (me) and videographer (Jon) for the trek. It was a blast. We have fabulous kids in our stake. It also helped that Brian and Dorothy were a ma & pa, so we could laugh with them, and CW was at base camp with us. So we had such a great time (despite the mud, and our tent being in a lake). I actually made Jon drive me into Flag for the last night, I couldn't sleep in a pond.

Thursday & Friday

Belmont Park
Chloe, Mikaela & Katrina

The boys

After Coop rode this wave in, he said to
Joey, " Now that's how you boogie board!"
I almost died! I LOVE that kid!!!

Jimmy's sand creation for the
Sandcastle contest.
We still never heard who the winner was!

Our last night, hanging out on the
boardwalk in front of Gigi's place

Some of the cousins,
I love these kiddos!

Thursday and Friday were Beach days. Friday was our Sandcastle contest, and that night we all got together for Cake & Ice cream and to say our goodbye's. It was sad, I didn't like having to say goodbye to my family. I love them all so much!

I don't think I mentioned that we lived a few blocks away from Belmont Park, so at night we would walk down and ride all the fun rides. It was a very cool hangout. It almost made me not mind that we weren't in Newport. It's awesome having someplace to walk to at night!

It was such a great week, and I hope we get to do it again sometime!



Billy, Chloe, Jon & Kaitlyn

Looking to our right

Looking to our left

Buffy & Karlie

Wednesday we headed over to La Jolla Shores. Jon wanted the kids to have a chance to snorkel, and a bunch of our crew were snorkeling and kayaking over there that day. They got to see Leopard Sharks and Sting-Rays. It was pretty exciting for them.

If we ever have a ton of money I am going to stay at the La Jolla Shores Hotel. It is right on the beach, and they have people go out and set up your umbrellas and chairs for you, and you can get room service on the beach. Now that is my kind of vacation!


Tuesday we headed over to the USS Midway with the family. We have done it before, but wanted to hang out with everyone else. Afterwards we all headed over to Seaport village for lunch, a carousel ride, and $100 worth of Ben & Jerry's. I don't think my mom will ever treat us all to ice cream again :)

Monday Night

Gramma Ro with her crew

Balloons for Dad/Grandpa

Sweet girl,
loves her daddy

Coop & Joe,
Best Buds Always

Johnny found his bench

The Sunset

Monday was also my dad's 59th birthday, and 10 years since he died. So that night we had my grandma over for dinner, we took family photos, had a talent show, laughed, cried, sent balloons up to him, laughed, cried, took a walk along the boardwalk, laughed and cried.

I can't believe 10 years ago there were only 3 grandbabies. I know he was so happy looking down from Heaven. I can't believe how much I miss him sometimes. Being at the beach is always hard without him, it was his favorite place.

It was a great night!

Sea of Red

Chloe & Bella
David & Andy so excited to be at the beach

Nice face Jimmy

We dug a giant hole to recreate a pic we
took in 1986 with the grandkids. The
bottom photo is the recreation,
the top is lots of the great-grandkids

Love my family!

Monday was our beach Olympics. We all wore our red reunion shirts. You can imagine the attention we got with all the red shirts, covering so much beach area, playing funky games. It was great. People were a little competitive, and there was a little cheating going on, but it was all in good fun! Man I wish I was back there!