The biggest snowcone, EVER...

I love this boy, so much!

Gigi, surrounded by family

Darling girls

Grouping 84 people together
for a family photo = FUN

Macy LOVED the sand,
but hated being a mess...

Nothing like hanging out in
suits on the beach

The whole fam damily

Sunday we went to church, then we went for a walk along the boardwalk. At 4:30 everyone (all 84 of us) came to our house to bless Rosie. Afterwards we headed to the beach for a family picture, then back to our house for dinner. The kids had a blast dancing on the walls of our patio, singing and dancing. Most of the adults sat on the roof and laughed and talked for a few hours. It was great. A perfect way to end the day. Then we all stayed up to watch Sea World's fireworks from our roof. We had a direct view, so we went up everynight. It was so fun. Definitely a huge perk of our house!

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