About 3 months ago Chloe asked if I would make matching headbands for her cabin at camp. Of course I said yes, because if you haven't noticed I CAN'T say no! The only bad thing is I say yes to too many things, and I have a bit of a problem with procrastination. Not because I want to procrastinate, but because my life is so busy, I have no other choice but to put things off until later!

So I have spent the last 4 hours making headbands, because I am dropping Chloe off for camp in about an hour. Way to go Kristy!

They turned out cute, and she is happy, so I am happy.

It is going to be a long week, Jon and Andy left for Scout Camp this morning, and Chloe leaves for Lomia today. Which means it is a week of me and the littles, plus Victor. I am not looking forward to loading them all up whenever I need to go somewhere, I really like having older kids to leave the younger ones with. I am also not looking forward to not having Jon come home so I can get a little break at night. Hopefully I will survive, I guess check with me at the end of the week!

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liz said...

that looks dang cute on her. nice work mamacita.

hey can we come keep you company this week? zane would love to play with coops. or you are always welcome to truck it out here and visit us anytime. I think it's our turn like x4 though to head out to you.