New Favorite

My new favorite show (season finale was last night) is 9 by Design on Bravo. Talk about my dream life! 7 kids, wouldn't that be wonderful?, and room for all of them to boot! They have the most amazing homes, and they are the coolest people! If you have never seen it, WATCH IT! I love all these shots from different homes of theirs. AMAZING!

I also want to rename some of my kids, could their names be any cuter?

Wolfie (Boy)
Breaker (Boy)
Bellamy (Girl, adore this one!)
Tallulah (Girl)
Five (totally should have named Macy that!, Boy)
Holly (Boy)
Major (Boy)


onehm said...

I haven't seen their show, but I have loved their designs for a number of years now. So clean, but so fun and funky at the same time...wishing I could take more of a risk with my decor...

onehm said...

...and those names are adorable!!

Karen said...

You have to come over soon to see what we've done to our Formerly Known As Word's Ugliest Bathroom. It's *almost* finished. And let's say now the theme is "Maybe my mom shoulda bought me the Barbie Dream House!"

Bluestripe55 said...

I have seen the show a few times but have also loved their designs for a while but i like how they take their kids with them to certain events and also involve them in their lives! It is one thing to have that many children with a nanny but it is another to be a family! I love it!

Sheri said...

I think naming a boy Holly is kind of mean.