Fun at the Zoo

Some of the animals were very protective
of their young...

Others couldn't understand
our fascination with taking
their pictures!

The babies were finally
set free

I was lucky to catch them at bathtime :)

The babies liked the attention!

We also got to see them at feeding time!

Then we saw some during naptime...

I caught up with a few monkeys,
ready to ham it up for the camera!

This guy was a little too close
for comfort, luckily he never attacked!



About 3 months ago Chloe asked if I would make matching headbands for her cabin at camp. Of course I said yes, because if you haven't noticed I CAN'T say no! The only bad thing is I say yes to too many things, and I have a bit of a problem with procrastination. Not because I want to procrastinate, but because my life is so busy, I have no other choice but to put things off until later!

So I have spent the last 4 hours making headbands, because I am dropping Chloe off for camp in about an hour. Way to go Kristy!

They turned out cute, and she is happy, so I am happy.

It is going to be a long week, Jon and Andy left for Scout Camp this morning, and Chloe leaves for Lomia today. Which means it is a week of me and the littles, plus Victor. I am not looking forward to loading them all up whenever I need to go somewhere, I really like having older kids to leave the younger ones with. I am also not looking forward to not having Jon come home so I can get a little break at night. Hopefully I will survive, I guess check with me at the end of the week!


Canyon Lake

Friday afternoon we got a call from Jon's cousin Aaron, asking if we wanted to go to the lake the next day. We hemmed and hawed a bit, because I knew we were having the missionaries over for dinner that night, and I didn't know if we could make it home on time to get everything done. I really wanted to go though, so we said yes.

Friday night we got dinner started, did chores, got everything ready so we could just get home from the lake, do a few last minute things and be ready.

I am so glad we did. The kids had such a fun time. I was so worried that Macy would be miserable, but she was a real trooper. I could ride on a boat all day long. It was a great day, and I can't wait to do it again!



We seriously have some of the coolest missionaries ever. My kids love them, and we love having them over for dinner. Last night was our last meal with one of them because he goes home tomorrow. So we made it a special one, the kids asked him what he wanted (don't ask how expensive it is to feed 4 missionaries and a family of 7 ribs ), and we made a yummy dessert (brownie sundaes), and they didn't have appointments to rush to so we had a lesson and then played games.

Chloe and Jon have been going and teaching a family with them, it is a girl Chloe's age, and I am so glad she is getting this chance.

Last night we had fun on Photo Booth, and I came up with a great idea. Every time they come over for dinner we are going to take a picture. I am going to print it out and put it in a book, and let the missionaries sign it. It will be so cool to look at the book 10 years from now with all the missionaries we've had. I think the missionaries will get a kick out of looking at it also.


New Favorite

My new favorite show (season finale was last night) is 9 by Design on Bravo. Talk about my dream life! 7 kids, wouldn't that be wonderful?, and room for all of them to boot! They have the most amazing homes, and they are the coolest people! If you have never seen it, WATCH IT! I love all these shots from different homes of theirs. AMAZING!

I also want to rename some of my kids, could their names be any cuter?

Wolfie (Boy)
Breaker (Boy)
Bellamy (Girl, adore this one!)
Tallulah (Girl)
Five (totally should have named Macy that!, Boy)
Holly (Boy)
Major (Boy)

Dreaming out loud

I really want white floors, I am loving them right now. I also love all the color. I am ready for a redo in my house. We shall see...