Catching up...

not crazy about the picture.
It was the best we got though!

All the grandkids at mom's house

One day I couldn't find Macy, and
I walked into the kitchen and found them like this.
It was so sweet. I love my babies!

Macy being a big girl with Chloe & Alexa.
Drinking their vanilla bean frappucinos
at the computer.

Buffy's birthday party.
Build-a-bear, and Dairy Queen.
It was so low key,
and just what I needed!

Daddy/Daughter Dance,
I love how Macy had to sneak into the picture!

My tulips I got for Valentine's Day,
in my new vase that I also got.
I loved them!

1 comment:

Sheri said...

I always look forward to your Easter picture. Your kids always look darling!

However, the picture of Cooper & Macy is my favorite. So cute!