My Happiness

This little girl is bringing me a lot of happiness lately. I love my time with her. She is such a spunky little thing, and she definitely keeps me on my toes. She has completely weaned herself from the bottle (all on her own), she asks to go to bed at night, when she says "hi mama", my heart melts. She is such a joy. I wish she would stop growing, she is going to be gone before I know it. And let's be serious, have you ever seen anyone cuter than her?


Catching up...

not crazy about the picture.
It was the best we got though!

All the grandkids at mom's house

One day I couldn't find Macy, and
I walked into the kitchen and found them like this.
It was so sweet. I love my babies!

Macy being a big girl with Chloe & Alexa.
Drinking their vanilla bean frappucinos
at the computer.

Buffy's birthday party.
Build-a-bear, and Dairy Queen.
It was so low key,
and just what I needed!

Daddy/Daughter Dance,
I love how Macy had to sneak into the picture!

My tulips I got for Valentine's Day,
in my new vase that I also got.
I loved them!