The Red-Heads

Some of you might know this, but my dad wrote poetry. Most of it was little funny things he would come up with during sacrament, or little notes he would leave in my room. One of my all time favorites was one he came up with during church, I leaned over and asked him to write a poem for me, this is what he sent back:

I couldn't wait to see it,
the most exciting part of life.
As I sat in the delivery room,
on a chair beside my wife.

Then at last it happened,
starting with the head.
My little girl was coming out,
with hair of crimson red.

I never will forget that day,
when I held her oh so near.
The happiest moment of my life,
when I held my Kristy dear.

Today I was cleaning out some old papers, and I came across another one, that I totally forgot about. I miss him so much it hurts, I needed to find this today...

The Red-Heads

A Mother's pride, a Father's joy,
A red-headed girl, a red-headed boy.
Such talent, such strength,
Such desire to care.
The only thing lacking,
Was someone to share.

At the dance, a fleeting glance,
Their eyes connect, a moment of chance.
Who is that person over there?
That person wearing my red hair.
I've got to know, I cannot rest,
Until we meet, I'll do my best.
With hair like that she must be great,
With hair like that he'll be first rate.

Finally, dancing arm-in-arm,
They succumb to each other's charm.
love springs deep from within the heart,
They know that they must never part.
A whirlwind, courtship, to say the least,
A wedding and a sumptuous feast.

Now sealed together for evermore,
Who knows what happiness lies in store?
Are there more red-heads on the way?
Who can say? We hope and pray.


Fantasy Friday

I would LOVE to have my own
crafting space. I used to use the
guest house, but it was hard being out there,
unless it was at night when the kids were asleep.
Now the guest house is storage :(
I use our kitchen, and my bedroom,
and the office/dining room, the living room.
I use any space I can. It makes me sad.
It takes as long to get all my stuff out,
as it does to actually make anything.
So this is my fantasy today,
and it's for you Jenn. Hope it helps your day.
(I'm envious of your space too!)

This is my absolute favorite I think,
the colors make me so happy!



To all my friends who have babies who are eating out of baby jars.
I need some jars, like 20 if possible, more if you have them!
Please let me know if you have any I can pick up! Thanks so much!!!


Help Wanted

I'm in a rut, and I need some new (preferrably simple), delicious recipes. Please help me friends!!!


If you need a laugh...

Jon & Brian,
A picture is worth a thousand words...

We went to the batting cages with the Finn's last weekend, it was a blast. Then we headed over for ice cream. It doesn't matter what we do with them, it's always a good time.

In case you're wondering...

This is what Easy Mac looks like when you forget to add the water before you put it in the microwave. Our house will stink forever... I love having kids :)


I want (so bad)

Why do these have to be so ridiculously expensive? I am in love...