It's 11:39, and I have more to do than I can think of, yet I am wasting time watching all my tivoed shows I've missed, and snuggling with Macy.

Macy is actually in bed now, so I am wasting time on the computer.

I have piles of laundry, that most of you can't even fathom. Trust me, it's true.

My house is a disaster.

I feel like I am a disaster.

I got a new phone last night, can't decide if I like it or not.

I really need a shower, but I really don't want to do my hair. Quite the conundrum.

I just looked at the calories and fat content of the frozen pizza Macy and I shared for lunch (you know those fabulous $1.27 Totino's pizzas), 20 grams of fat for 1/2 a pizza. Life seriously sucks.

Valentine's is around the corner, and I can't come up with something cute for my kiddos cards. I really want to be creative right now, I need to...

I want to redecorate.

I love me a nice cold coke!

Need help coming up with a cool trivia game for my brother's 40th birthday party I am throwing. Got the invites done, and they are cute. I just want it to be a great party for him.

I am bummed that Liz and I didn't get to laugh on Friday, I think we both need a good laugh. I miss you Liz!

My IPhoto is "not responding", what does that mean? I have 12,000 photos on it. I am glad that I have a back-up.

Speaking of photos, I really want some family photos done. I am ready to redo my walls and mantel, and I need some up to date pictures, that include Macy. I wonder if that will actually happen.

Andy has a crush, and it makes me happy. He took money today to get her a carnation at school. What a stud.

I think the crush that Chloe has, that I am fully excited about (because I love the boy) is already fading. Bummer...

Buffy and her little friends have started a cheer squad. She insists she has to be at the basketball game tonight to cheer. We'll see what happens.

Coop took his ant farm to school today. I am envisioning complete chaos when 50 fire ants get loose.

Did I mention Valentine's day? What to do, what to do...


Juliagullia said...

You'll come up with something amazing...like you always do! Sounds like you enjoyed some Quality time with Macy. I just sent Mike off with Mont to order his birthday cake so I can finish Carol's Valentine's cards and edit photo's from a baptism shoot from Saturday. I hear you on life being busy! You'll get it all done and look fantastic doing it! Sure miss you!

onehm said...

Hey lady...as I was reading some of your randomness, I was realizing that you and I are dealing with some very serious similarities in our lives. :)
I can help with the family photos. I'm going to need lots of fun girlie things in the future, so I'm happy to trade. Let me know and we can get together and do something really fun for family photos! Hugs.

Jeanette said...

I saw some really fun valentines online. You take a picture of your kid with one of their arms out towards the camera but to the side of their body--with their hand in a fist. Then you can photoshop "Happy Valentines or something onto it. But then you punch a hole above and below their fist and stick a lollipop through it so it looks like they have the lollipop in their fist and are holding it out to you They were pretty cute.

liz said...


Crazymamaof6 said...

LOve your randomness!

i bought cheapy cards. i was getting down on myself for having never done cute homemade crafty cards and yet, this is not my year for that. I've accepted it. maybe if i start earlier next year i can squeeze that into my life.

laundry, i'm totally feeling ya. right there with ya.

and sometimes ya just gotta sit and waste some time on the computer. it keeps ya sane. same as laughing with a good friend.

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kimber said...

I know a FABULOUS photographer if you decide to do photos....very reasonable prices too!

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