Do kids get the butterflies when they receive texts?

My favorite part of growing up, dating, falling in and out of love, was the fluttering of butterflies in my stomach. My favorite feeling in the world. Even still, every once in a while Jon will do something, or catch my eye, or remind me of long ago, and my stomach flips. I'm glad (it's been 15 years, so I should be glad it's still there).

I remember the summer before I turned 16. Jarid and I had been good friends for a long time. My dad had bought like 30 tickets to Les Miserables, and he said I could invite Jarid. I remember the 1st time my stomach flipped that night, he showed up in a crisp black button down shirt, hair combed, and clear nail polish on (instead of the black that he knew my dad wasn't crazy about). I loved that he did that. We chatted in my room while we waited for everyone else, nothing different than normal. He and I headed out in his car, it was a fun ride. He introduced me to Jethro Tull, Maggie May, we listened to the Dead. Everything was normal. I was worried he would laugh at me if I started crying during the show, but I always cry. I still cry when I listen to the music. Then he surprised me, during "A Heart Full of Love," he reached over and grabbed my hand. The world stopped. I have butterflies right now thinking about it. He didn't let go the rest of the night. I couldn't breathe all night. I was excited and worried, he was one of my best friends. We got lost on the way home, and laughed and laughed. I think he bought me an ice cream cone. The next day we went back to normal. That was what we needed, friends more than anything else. Even still that was one of the best nights of my life.

Another time was on a date at my house. We were watching a movie, and I could sense him slowly moving closer to me. My parents came home, and we had to leave to go pick up Katrina from a dance, and then I was taking him home. About 10 minutes into the drive, he put his hand on top of mine on the gear shift. I almost steered off the road. I remember Katrina's face in the rear view mirror. She was giddy for me.

As I watch Chloe growing up, I am so excited for her. I am so scared for her. Life was hard when I was a teen, I can't imagine what life is going to throw at her. I love that she talks to me here and there, and I know just enough.

So I am just wondering, in this life of IMing, Facebook, Texting, etc... Can you feel butterflies when you text?



It's 11:39, and I have more to do than I can think of, yet I am wasting time watching all my tivoed shows I've missed, and snuggling with Macy.

Macy is actually in bed now, so I am wasting time on the computer.

I have piles of laundry, that most of you can't even fathom. Trust me, it's true.

My house is a disaster.

I feel like I am a disaster.

I got a new phone last night, can't decide if I like it or not.

I really need a shower, but I really don't want to do my hair. Quite the conundrum.

I just looked at the calories and fat content of the frozen pizza Macy and I shared for lunch (you know those fabulous $1.27 Totino's pizzas), 20 grams of fat for 1/2 a pizza. Life seriously sucks.

Valentine's is around the corner, and I can't come up with something cute for my kiddos cards. I really want to be creative right now, I need to...

I want to redecorate.

I love me a nice cold coke!

Need help coming up with a cool trivia game for my brother's 40th birthday party I am throwing. Got the invites done, and they are cute. I just want it to be a great party for him.

I am bummed that Liz and I didn't get to laugh on Friday, I think we both need a good laugh. I miss you Liz!

My IPhoto is "not responding", what does that mean? I have 12,000 photos on it. I am glad that I have a back-up.

Speaking of photos, I really want some family photos done. I am ready to redo my walls and mantel, and I need some up to date pictures, that include Macy. I wonder if that will actually happen.

Andy has a crush, and it makes me happy. He took money today to get her a carnation at school. What a stud.

I think the crush that Chloe has, that I am fully excited about (because I love the boy) is already fading. Bummer...

Buffy and her little friends have started a cheer squad. She insists she has to be at the basketball game tonight to cheer. We'll see what happens.

Coop took his ant farm to school today. I am envisioning complete chaos when 50 fire ants get loose.

Did I mention Valentine's day? What to do, what to do...



We went up to the cabin this last weekend with our fabulous friend's Brian & Dorothy. The kids had such a grea time. We ate yummy food, messed around at Walmart, ate more yummy food, went sledding, watched TV, laughed about "business time", played in the snow some more, then went home. As always it was a great time with them, I love having people that you can hang out with, even with all your kids, and still be friends afterwards!

Laughed until I cried...