just so we're clear...

I have ALWAYS been Team Conan...


Catching up with lots of photos

A late dinner at
Johnny Rockets in Hollywood
(we needed to do something
to stay out of the rain!)

It's a small world,
it was so neat all it up!

Playing at the Brother Bear area,
Macy was so glad to be free!

The beginning of the rain...

We are part of the few people
that can actually spell out their last name
from the California letters

Our first day,
we were so glad we got almost 2 full days
without rain!

Can you tell these 2 are brothers?

The goods on Christmas morning

Macy LOVED all her babies

Cooper lost a tooth, FINALLY.
He was so happy. It was a Christmas
miracle (especially since it wasn't even
loose. it popped out when he was trying to
open something with his teeth)

One of my new Santas, I was
so excited when Jon got me 2 for my collection.


How to wrap a present with 5 kids & a husband

Photo and video editing at www.OneTrueMedia.com

We do a talent show on Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house. I really wanted to do something different this year, and I think I nailed it. Unfortunately, I have no clue how I will top it next year! Hope you enjoy, the video isn't that great, it is off my sister's handheld camera. Maybe Jon will get our onto my computer someday, but you still get the jist!