I can't believe my baby is 13! I also can't believe what a gorgeous girl she is. In the past few weeks, I have had 4 different people from church and school come up to me, just to tell me how amazing Chloe is. 2 different ladies from YW have told me how much they love her, how good she is. How she includes everyone, she knows how to have the most fun, but also knows how to be spiritual. I was so proud to hear that. She is so amazing, and of course I know that, but to have it said to me by other people makes me think that maybe I did something right with her.

I took her out last week for some mom/daughter time. She got a makeover, and new make-up from Mac. We headed over to Nordstroms Cafe for dinner, then shopped for some more goodies. It was so fun being with her.

Things I love about my Chloe:

Her voice, if you haven't heard her sing, then you are missing out!

Her personality, there is never a dull moment when she is around!

Her strength, she knows what is right, and really tries to do it.

She is never afraid to try anything, new food, new clothes, new friends, new school. She is always up for a challenge, and she owns everything she does.

Her maturity, she gets a lot more dealt to her because of it, but she always makes it through!

Her spunk, it makes us fight a lot, but she wouldn't be Chloe without it!

There are a billion more things, but mostly I just love that she is MINE. I love that no matter how mad she makes me, and trust me, she makes me VERY MAD, and very often, I couldn't imagine my life without her and all her drama! I hope she has a fabulous birthday, and always knows how much I love her!


Erika said...

Congrats mom of a thirteen year old!!! She really is beautiful! And I'm dying over the darling pics of her little self. I have heard her sing, and yes, she has an amazing voice. I just can't believe we knew her when she was 4!! Has it really been that long?!! Hope you guys and Chloe have a great day!

Karen said...

You can add me to the list of Fans of Chloe. She's a wonderful person and it has been great watching her friendship with Brennan.

Jamon, Kristen, and Keegan said...

WE LOOOOOVVVVEEEE CHLOE.I am going to miss her so much. The girls in my new ward just can't compare to everything she is and will become. Good job Kristy!!

Kristy said...

I already miss you Kristen, Chloe needs you so you better not forget her! Come visit ALL THE TIME!