Good in the World

I am so happy to say that there is still good in this world. I am going crazy trying to get ready for out trip to Disneyland tomorrow, and on top of everything, I have sick kids again. It never fails, we would pick the week it is going to rain the whole time we are there, and we have sick kids. Even still, I am smiling, and we are going.

So on top of everything I am doing, I have to take Buffy to the doctor. I love my doctor, they are giving her Tamiflu, and wrote me 2 prescriptions for antibiotics to take with us, in case anyone else gets sick (which someone will let's be serious, this is us). She also gave me a bag full of samples of a prescription that Buffy, Cooper & Chloe need to take daily, that costs me $55 month for each of them. Macy falls asleep in the car, so I take her and Buffy home, and run back over to the pharmacy. They are out of Tamiflu, and won't get any until tomorrow late aternoon. The darling girl that works there offers to call around to find some.

She just called me, she foud one box at one location, and one box at another location. Buffy needs 2 boxes, this girl is using her lunch break to go pick them up for me, and bring them back to my CVS. I almost cried when she told me. It made my day, I was already trying to figure out how I was ging to pick kids up from school, get everyone ready for Andy's concert, finish laundry, get everything packed, make dinner, pick up prescriptions, go to the bank, etc...

I am so happy that there are still good people in the world. Kelly is going to get a special treat from me when we get back in town!

So we have our ponchos and umbrellas ready, and we are heading out tomorrow. I have decided we are going ot have fun no matter what, and the kids have adopted the same attitude. I am so proud of them! I'll post pictures when we get back. Have a great week!


onehm said...

LOVE stories like this one! And seriously, CVS rocks!! :)
Have fun at DL, rain or shine!

Dorothy said...

I hope that all your children wake up for your trip sniffle free and that it doesn't rain!!!! Wish we were coming too! Have fun for the both of us.

Mimi said...

So sweet. What a great act of service! I'll go give her a hug too!