Too Funny not to post

This is her new funny smile,
she only does it every once in a while.
I couldn't believe I got it on camera!
I laugh every time I see it!
(What do you think of that tooth?)


Ashley said...

Are you sure that neck can support her head? J/K Too cute. You'll be so glad to have that picture one day!

Shanna said...

How funny!! Emma used to do a similar face. You gotta love little kids. Macy is such a doll! She is growing up SO FAST!!

Dorothy said...

I almost peed my pants! That is too funny.

onehm said...

That little face is just toooo cute!

Anonymous said...

CJ used to do the exact same thing, and he still does it to get a laugh! She is growing up so fast, Ivy would be jealous of her hair, she's still sporting a major mullet!