Manic Monday

It's been a while for one of these, I know.

How do you keep up on housework? This may seem crazy if some of you have seen my house recently (taking into account all that has been going on, I think it's fine), but here goes anyway!

I have found that if you have certain things assigned to days, it really helps. For example,

Monday - Bathroom
Tuesday - Bedrooms
Wednesday - Kitchen
Thursday - Misc. Clean up

Fill in as you see fit.

If you get your house clean, and follow this, then when weekend chores come around it's not nearly as bad! Plus you feel good when you check it off your list! The kids know what needs to be done that night, so it's easy to get them to help also! Try it and see.

What works for you?


Sheri said...

I'm going to try that. I desperately need a system - I feel like I am cleaning constantly.

Ashley said...

I sort of tweaked the system at flylady.net. It's sort of the same idea.

Karen said...

My only system is laundry is Monday & Friday. It keeps it manageable (or so I tell myself). And right now one of my children is in charge of his own laundry for making a comment that he doesn't have to touch his stuff until after I have washed and folded it!