Happy Halloween

I love the back of his vest,
so I had to show it!

I am pretty excited about Halloween this year. I don't know how to sew very well, and I made most of the costumes. I made Jon's bell bottoms & vest yesterday, I made my pants today. I made Buffy's gypsy scarf, and I made Andy & Macy's costumes. I also didn't use a single pattern, I think I did pretty good. I can't wait to actually learn how to sew.

I wanted to do a lot more for Jon's and my costumes, but time didn't permit. Oh well, I think Jon looks great. I am so glad he was smart enough to think ahead and grow out his beard.


Pictures of my days...

Chloe and I on the COOLEST ride
at the fair, the DISKO. Do it if you can!

Decades Day at school,
I wish Andy had a leather jacket, or
Buddy Holly glasses, but it was all good...

Macy's new face,
gotta love it! Check out those teeth!

Cousins going to Mimi's Ward Party.
I love that Lola is the Swine Flu,
and Tommy is the doctor. I only had 2 kids,
because everyone else was at church activities.

Coop's bed, he is serious about decorating it.
I love that he is sleeping with his gun.
I ADORE this boy so much!

Macy's FAVORITE new toy.
I got mine on Amazon, it ROCKS!


It was Celebrity Day at school today. The first person to guess correctly, gets a treat from me! Johnny, this excludes you from Andy, because you already know!

Here's a hint for each:

Chloe is part of 3

Andy makes me laugh

Good Luck!


Coop's Party

We had games, prizes, a pinata, candy, cake, everything you need for a great party. Cooper had fun, and that is all that mattered! I think he is the best Frankenstein EVER, he rocked his costume. I need to work on Chloe & Buffy's some more, but it was fine for that day. Andy and Macy were darling, I wish I had thought of it sooner, I would have had our whole family be cavemen, another year I guess!


Just a peek...

Cavegirl & Frankenstein...
Could they be any cuter?


You wish ... (again)

You wish your hair looked
this good in the mornings!

You wish ...

You wish you were this cool,
this kid can rock ANYTHING!

Can't wait for the fair tonight, can't beat Figure 8's and Frybread. Trying to get everything ready for Cooper's Halloween Birthday BAsh tomorrow, I think I am getting close. Have a great weekend!

Rock On

Johnny was excited,
can you tell?

The stage

Bono on the big screen

This was my old camera, and of course the battery died right after U2 came on stage. It was a great concert, I was so glad Johnny called me to go. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Black Eyed Peas. I loved the mix of the crowd. It was so fun. Thanks again brother!



I love this shot of Andy

some of my owls...

My Halloween deco this year

Last night I went to the U2/Black Eyed Peas concert with ym brother. It was fabulous! I LOVED the Black Eyed Peas, they totally rocked. It was a late night, but I was so thankful for Johnny asking me to go with him. I am also so lucky to have such a great hubby who takes care of the kids so I can go have fun sometimes. I love you babe! I can't believe how close we are to being done with October already. Christmas is around the corner!

We are on the hunt for a new car now, I am bummed because I really don't want a car payment, so I am trying to look on the bright side of it. I am super excited to have e new car! I just can't wait to have my own car again, I am so sick of driving Jon's truck with all the kids crammed in, I am sick of having to take 2 cars anytime we do something as a family. Hopefully we will find what we want, for the price we want. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Went to the fair on Friday with Chloe, Cooper, Macy, my sister, Dorothy and her 2 kiddos. It was fun. I am so glad we waited until the sun went down. Heading there this weekend again for Figure 8 races, can't wait!

This is the busy time of the year, something is always going on!

Monday night Jon and I went to a dealership to look at some cars. Chloe got the kids showered and put to bed. Yesterday morning Cooper woke up, and I noticed he was super bulky underneath his feety pajamas (that barely fit him, but he wanted them). He had gotten dressed for school, then put his pj's on. He had jeans and a long sleeve shirt on underneath. I don't know how he didn't spontaneously combust in his sleep. Never a dull moment with that boy!



Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Andy Boy! You have brought me so much happiness, and I couldn't imagine life without you!

Here are a few things I love about you:

You are an AMAZING brother to Mason, she ADORES you.

You are so thoughtful, you really try to help when you see it needs it!

You are goofy, and you constantly make me laugh.

You let me love you, I am not looking forward to the day when you start pushing me away!

You are unbelievably smart, I have no clue where you got that from. Probably Grandpa.

You are MINE, for eternity!


Too Funny not to post

This is her new funny smile,
she only does it every once in a while.
I couldn't believe I got it on camera!
I laugh every time I see it!
(What do you think of that tooth?)

Manic Monday

It's been a while for one of these, I know.

How do you keep up on housework? This may seem crazy if some of you have seen my house recently (taking into account all that has been going on, I think it's fine), but here goes anyway!

I have found that if you have certain things assigned to days, it really helps. For example,

Monday - Bathroom
Tuesday - Bedrooms
Wednesday - Kitchen
Thursday - Misc. Clean up

Fill in as you see fit.

If you get your house clean, and follow this, then when weekend chores come around it's not nearly as bad! Plus you feel good when you check it off your list! The kids know what needs to be done that night, so it's easy to get them to help also! Try it and see.

What works for you?