I am thankful for Coke, or there is
no way I would be awake after the last
2 weeks I have had!

Leftover Pizza from my
birthday dinner, it has
been my lunch the past 3 days.

The hobo baby's new ponytail,
isn't it the cutest?

That this wasn't any worse,
this can be fixed.
In the meantime I am loving me
a nice new mini-van,
with satellite radio.

This picture Cooper did in art,
it makes me so happy. I immediately
taped it to the wall. That's some
definite talent for a 5 year old!

Friends and family, all the
calls, meals being brought in,
Callie stopping by. I just might
get through this! Chloe is feeling a
little bit better, but not out of
the woods yet!


Mimi said...

Love ya sis. & that is pretty good for a 5 year old.

Sheri said...

That picture is AWESOME!

I hope Chloe gets better soon!

Sheri said...

I meant the picture that Cooper drew. Very impressive.