The joy of boys

Andy thought he would be nice, and clean out his salamander habitat. He rinsed all the dirt out of the bowls (even though they were just going to be filled again, I guess he wanted clean dirt), an he did it right into the bathroom sink. Imagine his surprise when the sink wouldn't drain. He was a little hesitant about telling Jon, but quickly realized there was no way he wasn't going to notice (we only have one bathroom, he'd have to go in eventually).

As you can see, Jon wasn't very pleased. I tried to get him to look on the bright side. Andy was trying to do something good, he just didn't know the correct way, it only took about 2o minutes to fix, and it got the cabinet under our sink reorganized.

There's always something exciting when you have sons!


Sheri said...

I feel your pain.

I guess this isn't the right time to ask Jon if he wants to a tarantula?

holdoug said...

Boys. They don't ever really think anything through. Get used to it. I am amazed all the time at the things they do.

Shanna said...

Oh so sad! I could TOTALLY see Collin doing something like that. Boys must just be born knowing how to create chaos in their mother's lives....I sure as heck did not teach Collin all of his "wonderful" tricks! But life sure would be boring if they weren't around. Although every once in awhile I could stand for a boring day :-)

Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

That totally reminds me of when my sister and I clogged our bathroom sink with our own hair! SICK!!! But I remember my dad having to clean it out! So gross! Love the story though...I'm sure I have some crazy years ahead of me with my little boy!

Chloe Rose said...

Sheri we want a tarantula!!!!

-Kristy's daughter Chloe(: