Exciting, not so exciting...

Macy FINALLY got a tooth, pretty exciting.

Macy biting me while nursing last night with said tooth, not exciting.

Macy learning how to walk and climb, exciting.

Macy standing in high chairs, grocery carts, strollers, etc..., not exciting.

Chloe has a cell phone, which is nice when I need to call them to tell them to walk to the library after school, because I am just too lazy to pick them up right now. Exciting for Chloe.

Chloe forgetting her cell phone at home, not exciting.
(It was pretty funny today, I gave her my cell phone, and told her I would use hers. I have to drop her off at one campus, which is a block south of Andy's. I then dropped Andy off, as I was almost out of the parking lot, I look over to find Chloe running and waving her arms. She did have her cell phone. The poor girl ran across both campuses with her backpack, lunchbox & violin, to catch up with me. It was actually pretty exciting, because I bet she won't forget her phone again!)

Chloe & Andy's new school, exciting.

Said new school not serving lunch, hence I have to pack lunches DAILY, not exciting! (I know some moms have their kids pack their own lunches, but I don't feel right about that. It;s my job to feed my kids, and what else am I doing that is so important I can't pack my kids lunch? I have to work on that guilt I guess!)


Karen said...

And if you let your kids pack their own lunches what would they take? I don't trust my kids to pack their lunches because it would be the weirdest and least nutritious stuff in the house.

Sheri said...

I don't trust my kids to pack their own lunches either. I know they can do it, I just choose not to let them :)

Anonymous said...

I have my kids pack their own lunches, and don't feel a bit guilty about it. I'm there supervising while taking care of 3 others, part of having a big family. I've always told my kids that when you have a big family(and they want me to have more!} everyone has to help out, because unfortunately mom isn't able to do it all. But as mom's we all have to figure out what works for us, and it's not the same in every case! By the way I hope you get some sleep, and your kids get feeling better, nothing worse than sick kids. Take care,