Baby Shower

This was the invite I made,
I dolled it up with jewels and glitter
before I sent it off.

My fabulous friend Kristen, of
Baked Bliss, made these amazing
cupcakes to go with the colors.
They were filled with chocolate mousse,
and were delish! I shouldn't have made
anything else!

The spread, it was delicious!

This was a baby shower for my darling friend Callie. I am so thankful they moved into our ward, and we were able to become so close. It was such a fun shower, and I can't wait to meet their sweet new girl!


The Hills... said...

Can I just say how absolutely wonderful you are! Thank you so much! And Happy Birthday!

Juliagullia said...

The invitations were amazing, you were right. Printing them on paper gave the invite a little something extra. I'm always amazed with you. So many projects, so many kids, so many parties. You're superwoman!

Happy Birthday too! I'm sure it was great.