Cooper being a goof

We were so happy when we got rain!!!

This picture makes me so happy

What a cutie pie!

The kid got to meet & pet
a wolf. Apparently it killed it's previous
owner, and then this guy rescued it. I didn't know
this until after they had been next to it.
I might have thought twice about it...

The boys had a blast trying to hit ducks
with rocks in their slingshots. Luckily no ducks were harmed!

Sunset at the Lake

I can't get enough of this stinker

Andy's new pet Salamander,
yes it made the trip back home to Phoenix with
us in a baby wipes box.

We would have kept the snake too,
but we had nothing to keep it in.

I love how green the moss is,
and the reflection of the clouds in the water

I can't wait to go back when she is walking,
we carried her everywhere. I was happy to find this
soft grassy area to put her down for a bit

Pinetop was wonderful. We got there around 5:00 on Thursday, and we met up with Johnny & Jenn at El Rancho for dinner. We spent our evenings watching movies, our days outside. Lots of nature walks, enjoyed the rain, played with the neighbor boy, went to Johnny & Jenn's, rode go-karts, went to Wal-Mart, took pictures, played with Play-Doh, took naps, rode the zip line. It was perfect. I really didn't want to come home.


Sheri said...

El Rancho! I love that place. We haven't been there in forever.

We are heading up there this weekend. I can't wait to get out of this heat!

Jamon, Kristen, and Keegan said...

I LOVE PINETOP! We just got back from being up near Vernon. The one day of rain thing kind of sucked this year. We need to get a bunch of families together and hang-out up there for a weekend.

Amy said...

Wow. Now that's my kind of vacation. Looks and sounds like you had a great time! The kids are still all soooo cute!