Happy Birthday

I love how she's not so sure of
what's going on...

She thought it was so funny,
but would not blow it out!

She knew exactly what to do
with her yummy cupcake!

Lola & Mason

Friday we headed over to Uncle Doug & Aunt Holly's house for Macy's party. I finally have a summer baby, and we don't have a pool this year to celebrate in. holly was so kind to offer her house, then she also offered to make the cupcakes, then on top of that she gave Macy a target giftcard, so I get to go shopping. Don't you wish Holly was your sister-in-law?

The kids were in the pool for about 20 minutes before the lightning started, so we all headed in. It was a great party, just family and a few close friends. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Macy was so good that night, so it made it very enjoyable for me. I still can't believe she is one today. I keep thinking back to what I was doing at this time last year, I miss that sweet babe that would sleep in my arms.

Well she is sleeping, and I have so much to catch up on. I was sick all weekend, and was gone at parties & showers, so my house is really hurting. Luckily I am feeling a bit better today, hopefully the worst is over!


Too fast...

From here to here,
in just a year...

My heart is breaking. My baby is one. How has it happened already, where has the time gone? I'm not ready for her to be one, I want her back to a baby. Isn't she darling though?


freaking awesome

This is so stinking cool, it makes me want to get married all over again! It also makes me sad, because I have to officially give up the title of "Best Wedding Ever." that is not a title I gave myself, I still have people come up to me to talk about how amazing my wedding was. This blows it out of the water though!


Mama needs to work...

I LOVE the foot up on the tray,
that is so Macy!

I am throwing 2 baby showers, and a 1st birthday party all in the next month, and I needed to get working on the invites. Macy was not cooperating (are you surprised?), so I gave her a package of cheese & crackers. Crackers were on the floor in a second, but she was happy with the cheese. I got to work for abut 25 minutes before she was done.

1st Day

Cutie pie,
really didn't want her picture taken.
I guess she is getting too old!

Happy at home

Not so happy at school,
his fake smile

Joey comforting Cooper
on his Green Mile.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Cooper was already saying he didn't want to go. He was brave for the most part, but when he finally went to class, it wasn't good for him. I hope he has calmed down, I'm sure he has. Why does it have to be so hard? Why can't he be like all the other kids, that are so excited to get away from their moms?!? I am very anxious for 3:15, can't wait to see how his day went!



Cooper being a goof

We were so happy when we got rain!!!

This picture makes me so happy

What a cutie pie!

The kid got to meet & pet
a wolf. Apparently it killed it's previous
owner, and then this guy rescued it. I didn't know
this until after they had been next to it.
I might have thought twice about it...

The boys had a blast trying to hit ducks
with rocks in their slingshots. Luckily no ducks were harmed!

Sunset at the Lake

I can't get enough of this stinker

Andy's new pet Salamander,
yes it made the trip back home to Phoenix with
us in a baby wipes box.

We would have kept the snake too,
but we had nothing to keep it in.

I love how green the moss is,
and the reflection of the clouds in the water

I can't wait to go back when she is walking,
we carried her everywhere. I was happy to find this
soft grassy area to put her down for a bit

Pinetop was wonderful. We got there around 5:00 on Thursday, and we met up with Johnny & Jenn at El Rancho for dinner. We spent our evenings watching movies, our days outside. Lots of nature walks, enjoyed the rain, played with the neighbor boy, went to Johnny & Jenn's, rode go-karts, went to Wal-Mart, took pictures, played with Play-Doh, took naps, rode the zip line. It was perfect. I really didn't want to come home.


Not fair...

I seriously feel bad that I have 5
gorgeous children, when there are
so many people out there with out even one cute kid.
It's ok to agree with me,
I know they are cute, and
I know it's not fair!

Weekly Photo

(you wouldn't know it, but I
tripped in a hole as I was running
after setting the timer for this shot)

(Oh yeah, we were also trespassing.
Nothing like breaking the law with
your kids, all for a few cool pics!)