Dinner at Pei Wei

I love these girls!
Don't they look darling?

I took my mom & girls to see Wicked last night. It was AMAZING! I knew it would be, it kills me that it has taken me this long to see it! I wish I could go see it again before it leaves. The girls loved it, on the way home Chloe told me how she hopes to be in musicals one day. Just like her momma, hopefully she will get the training at her school, so maybe it can actually happen for her! Then I can live vicariously through her. The only bad part, was that we were 3rd row from the top. I swear I was dizzy, it was so high. Oh well, the music still sounded the same!


Tiffany said...

We saw Wicked tonight. And we had nose bleed seats too. I am already contemplating braving the heat for some lottery tickets before it leaves. Floor seats for $25 sounds fab.

Mimi said...

So bummed I didn't go. But glad you had such a great time!