California '09, Day 5

All my kiddos in the bed...

Chloe's new glasses

My boys

my sweet girls

she loves her daddy

Jon really wanted a picture with the traps & the tugboat

The only thing I said to the man was
"just don't cut off our feet"
I hate not finding competent people
to take our picture!

We woke up on Monday, got all our stuff packed and decided to head over to Seaport Village. We had a little hiccup in the parking garage, we packed on the top level where there is no roof. When we hit the next level, we literally HIT it. So Jon hopped out & rearranged things so we could get out. I didn't want our vacation to end, so we decided to hang out for a while, I didn't care how late we got home. We had lunch, got souvenirs, took pictures. It was a perfect ending to a really good trip.

We had some interesting things happen on the way home, too long to try to explain, but next time you are with me, definitely ask. Especially about the hidden Border Patrol!

It was a fun trip, I am so glad we were able to swing it. We got lucky with good deals on hotels, tickets, all sorts of things. I am just so sad it is over!

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onehm said...

SO JEALOUS of your trip. I miss Socal...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Glad that you made it happen and I WILL ask you about the trip home when I see ya!!