California '09, day 4

Waiting on the pier in Newport,
for our milkshakes from Ruby's

Inside the Air & Space Museum

We woke up and headed over to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. We have to eat out for breakfast at least once when we are on vacation. Breakfast at a restaurant is the best! Then we headed over to Balboa Park. We took the kids to the Air & Space Museum. We have decided that everytime we are in San Diego, we are going to do one of the museums at Balboa Park, until we have seen them all. It was cool, the kids had fun. We got great video of Jon & Andy, and me & Chloe on a flight simulator. I will post it once I get it on the computer.

Then we decided to head over to Newport. It should have only taken us an hour & a half. 4 hours, 1 screaming baby, 4 cranky kids, 1 unhappy mommy later, we made it to Balboa Island. We decide to take the ferry over to the Peninsula. This is where it turns into one of our true vacations. While we are waiting in line, with probably 13 cars in front of us, and at least 8 cars behind us, on a very narrow, 2 lane street, the only way off and on the ferry, our battery dies. So we are sitting there, kids hanging out the windows, Macy screaming, I was mortified! The man behind us was able to fit his car in front of us, and jumped us. We finally made it over, and Jon dropped the kids and I off at the Fun Zone, and headed off to find an auto store that is still open at 5:00 on a Sunday afternoon.

The kids and I had our favorite "Pete's Pizza", then went to the arcades. Then we headed off down the boardwalk, to go to the beach house we would normally rent, and visit my cousins who are staying there right now. Jon was only gone for about 2 hours, so I was very thankful. We left my family's house, headed down to the pier for milkshakes at Ruby's, then on popped into Crab Cooker for chowder & shrimp cocktail for our ride home.

We got home at about 9:45, and Macy is wide awake from the nap in the car, so Jon takes the kids to the pool. They get back around 11:00, the kids loved it! I was able to rest, and get a head start on our packing for the next day.

Even though it was a crazy day, I am glad we made it to Newport. I feel so close to my dad when I am there. I missed him a lot, and had a little breakdown in the car, but it felt good to cry. I think I needed it. Newport is my dad, it always will be.


holdoug said...

Driving to Newport from SanDiego on a Sunday in and hour and a half is dreaming. It has been a long time since you've been, hasn't it?

linda said...

Glad you've had fun. Sorry we missed each other, maybe someday!