California '09, Day 3

This was from our trip 3 summers ago,
I really wanted to try to recreate this picture.
It is one of my absolute favorites!
Didn't happen, so I am reposting it,

Making a sandcastle

Macy did not want to touch the water,
can you tell?

I love her face,
what a doll!

On the Star of India


Inside the Star of India

Macy was not too sure about this guy,
he was awesome. What a job!

Of course we had to gross our kids out!

On Saturday we headed over to Coronado. The ids love driving across the bridge, and I love the beach there (usually). The beach was filthy this year, covered in dead sea weed, with flies everywhere! We also love having the planes fly over us, but there were none this year.

Our friends, Brian & Calli, and her friend Liz met up with us. The kids were so exited, because Brian is seriously one of the funnest guys on earth, and Calli is the sweetest thing ever. So we hung out and played all day.

That night we went downtown, and ate at Anthony's Fish Grotto, at there little Fishette outside. We also took the kids on the tour of the Russian Submarine, and the Star of India (the big pirate ship). Chloe didn't want to go on the sub, but I told her how my dad made me when I was about her age, so I am making her, and someday she will make her daughter. She didn't like it, but at least she went!

Then we walked all the way down to the USS Midway, and climbed the fabulous trees, and checked out the statue. On the walk back the fireworks went off over the water. It was a perfect ending to the day. We were so glad the Hill's were with us!

This is what happens on the way home from a long day at the beach!

So sad, but so funny!

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