California '09 , Day 1

Dallin, Caleb & Austin,
my crew...

Dallin & Buffy
(it drives me crazy how Buffy
covers herself in sand!)

Macy checking out the boogy board

Andy going to catch some waves

Chloe & Macy,
with Buffy, Dallin & Caleb in the background

One sandy baby!

Cooper's action shot

The crab I found,
I doubt it lived very long after the kids set it free!

Andy & Austin

We were supposed to leave on Thursday, but on Wednesday I decided I was ready to go. After I found out our hotel was booked, Jon's brother offered us to come sleep at the beach house with them for the night. We made it out of the city by 4:00. I was excited to have a full day on Thursday. We spent it at the beach. The kids had a blast, and it was fun spending time with their cousins. Unfortunately, the new Target brand of sunscreen doesn't work very well, and all of my kids experienced their 1st sunburns. Buffy's was the worst, because she walked back up to the house, and fell asleep on the balcony in the sun. Poor girl was fried!

The beach there is great (they stay in Encinitas), but we had to walk down a couple flights of stairs to get to it. Walking up was the bad part. Unfortunately, it really got my legs, and I seriously felt like I had charlie horses in my calves the rest of the trip.

Jon left in the afternoon to go check us in to our hotel, then came back to get us. We went and got cleaned up, then headed back to Encinitas to have dinner at Ruby's with Doug & Holly, and their gang. It was a great day, and I am so thankful that they let us come stay. I think it was really fun for the kids, they don't hang out with those cousins as much as I'd like them to.

When we checked in we found out that we had been put on the concierge floor. We had no clue what that meant, until we fould the free lounge for that floor that had free drinks & food, tv & internet. Needless to say, everytime we walked by the kids went in and grabbed sodas & waters. We were definitely going to get our money's worth since we had to pay $20 bucks a day for parking!

More to come later...


The Hills... said...

You guys sure know how to vacation. Thanks for hanging out with us! :)

Juliagullia said...

Awesome beach shots. I guess it was warm enough to swim. I'll be consulting you on my next vacation. Super cute!

Whitny said...

Wow what a great vacation. The kids are so cute. Love it.