California '09, Day 5

All my kiddos in the bed...

Chloe's new glasses

My boys

my sweet girls

she loves her daddy

Jon really wanted a picture with the traps & the tugboat

The only thing I said to the man was
"just don't cut off our feet"
I hate not finding competent people
to take our picture!

We woke up on Monday, got all our stuff packed and decided to head over to Seaport Village. We had a little hiccup in the parking garage, we packed on the top level where there is no roof. When we hit the next level, we literally HIT it. So Jon hopped out & rearranged things so we could get out. I didn't want our vacation to end, so we decided to hang out for a while, I didn't care how late we got home. We had lunch, got souvenirs, took pictures. It was a perfect ending to a really good trip.

We had some interesting things happen on the way home, too long to try to explain, but next time you are with me, definitely ask. Especially about the hidden Border Patrol!

It was a fun trip, I am so glad we were able to swing it. We got lucky with good deals on hotels, tickets, all sorts of things. I am just so sad it is over!


California '09, day 4

Waiting on the pier in Newport,
for our milkshakes from Ruby's

Inside the Air & Space Museum

We woke up and headed over to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. We have to eat out for breakfast at least once when we are on vacation. Breakfast at a restaurant is the best! Then we headed over to Balboa Park. We took the kids to the Air & Space Museum. We have decided that everytime we are in San Diego, we are going to do one of the museums at Balboa Park, until we have seen them all. It was cool, the kids had fun. We got great video of Jon & Andy, and me & Chloe on a flight simulator. I will post it once I get it on the computer.

Then we decided to head over to Newport. It should have only taken us an hour & a half. 4 hours, 1 screaming baby, 4 cranky kids, 1 unhappy mommy later, we made it to Balboa Island. We decide to take the ferry over to the Peninsula. This is where it turns into one of our true vacations. While we are waiting in line, with probably 13 cars in front of us, and at least 8 cars behind us, on a very narrow, 2 lane street, the only way off and on the ferry, our battery dies. So we are sitting there, kids hanging out the windows, Macy screaming, I was mortified! The man behind us was able to fit his car in front of us, and jumped us. We finally made it over, and Jon dropped the kids and I off at the Fun Zone, and headed off to find an auto store that is still open at 5:00 on a Sunday afternoon.

The kids and I had our favorite "Pete's Pizza", then went to the arcades. Then we headed off down the boardwalk, to go to the beach house we would normally rent, and visit my cousins who are staying there right now. Jon was only gone for about 2 hours, so I was very thankful. We left my family's house, headed down to the pier for milkshakes at Ruby's, then on popped into Crab Cooker for chowder & shrimp cocktail for our ride home.

We got home at about 9:45, and Macy is wide awake from the nap in the car, so Jon takes the kids to the pool. They get back around 11:00, the kids loved it! I was able to rest, and get a head start on our packing for the next day.

Even though it was a crazy day, I am glad we made it to Newport. I feel so close to my dad when I am there. I missed him a lot, and had a little breakdown in the car, but it felt good to cry. I think I needed it. Newport is my dad, it always will be.

Seriously excited for this!

'Alice In Wonderland' Trailer, Shot-By-Shot: Starring The Mad Hatter - Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

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California '09, Day 3

This was from our trip 3 summers ago,
I really wanted to try to recreate this picture.
It is one of my absolute favorites!
Didn't happen, so I am reposting it,

Making a sandcastle

Macy did not want to touch the water,
can you tell?

I love her face,
what a doll!

On the Star of India


Inside the Star of India

Macy was not too sure about this guy,
he was awesome. What a job!

Of course we had to gross our kids out!

On Saturday we headed over to Coronado. The ids love driving across the bridge, and I love the beach there (usually). The beach was filthy this year, covered in dead sea weed, with flies everywhere! We also love having the planes fly over us, but there were none this year.

Our friends, Brian & Calli, and her friend Liz met up with us. The kids were so exited, because Brian is seriously one of the funnest guys on earth, and Calli is the sweetest thing ever. So we hung out and played all day.

That night we went downtown, and ate at Anthony's Fish Grotto, at there little Fishette outside. We also took the kids on the tour of the Russian Submarine, and the Star of India (the big pirate ship). Chloe didn't want to go on the sub, but I told her how my dad made me when I was about her age, so I am making her, and someday she will make her daughter. She didn't like it, but at least she went!

Then we walked all the way down to the USS Midway, and climbed the fabulous trees, and checked out the statue. On the walk back the fireworks went off over the water. It was a perfect ending to the day. We were so glad the Hill's were with us!

This is what happens on the way home from a long day at the beach!

So sad, but so funny!


California '09, Day 2

My kids LOVED the
Cirque De La Mer show.
They are definitely my kids,
anything from Cirque De Soleil is amazing!

Cooper & I waiting in
line for the Elmo ride

We spent a lot of time at this grassy area with Macy,
while Jon or I would take the other kids to do stuff.

Macy checking out the Flamingo

Waiting for the Sea Lion show

In the ice caves

Macy wasn't too sure about this!

The Beluga Whales ( my favorite)

In line for Atlantis

We scored big time at Sea World this year. We found a coupon, kid gets in free with a paid adult. Chloe is an adult, so Andy, Buffy & Cooper got in free. (Technically Andy was an adult also, but what they don't know doesn't hurt them!) Then when we got in, they were selling wristbands that let's you eat for free all day. So we bought one for Jon, Chloe, Andy & Buffy. Then we just shared meals & got seconds. We definitely got our money's worth. You could get drinks & desserts for free also. We figured out that we had already gotten our money's worth by like 1:30 in the afternoon. It was great!

We all squeezed into a photo booth, I'll have to scan those at some point. It was pretty funny!

We saw everything, and were able to catch all the shows we wanted. The kids begged to sit in the splash zone at the Dolphin show that night. Jon was with Macy saving us seats for the Shamu Rocks show. I tried to tell them that it was a bad idea, but they wouldn't listen. After the 1st big splash, they were all freezing, and we quickly moved. I warned them.

Unfortunately Macy & Cooper didn't make it through all of Shamu, so Jon headed out to the car early. The other kids loved it, and then we quickly got our souvenirs on our way out. It was a great day. Most likely we will only have one more trip to Sea World in a few years for Macy. I love Sea World, I love how cool it is. It was great!


California '09 , Day 1

Dallin, Caleb & Austin,
my crew...

Dallin & Buffy
(it drives me crazy how Buffy
covers herself in sand!)

Macy checking out the boogy board

Andy going to catch some waves

Chloe & Macy,
with Buffy, Dallin & Caleb in the background

One sandy baby!

Cooper's action shot

The crab I found,
I doubt it lived very long after the kids set it free!

Andy & Austin

We were supposed to leave on Thursday, but on Wednesday I decided I was ready to go. After I found out our hotel was booked, Jon's brother offered us to come sleep at the beach house with them for the night. We made it out of the city by 4:00. I was excited to have a full day on Thursday. We spent it at the beach. The kids had a blast, and it was fun spending time with their cousins. Unfortunately, the new Target brand of sunscreen doesn't work very well, and all of my kids experienced their 1st sunburns. Buffy's was the worst, because she walked back up to the house, and fell asleep on the balcony in the sun. Poor girl was fried!

The beach there is great (they stay in Encinitas), but we had to walk down a couple flights of stairs to get to it. Walking up was the bad part. Unfortunately, it really got my legs, and I seriously felt like I had charlie horses in my calves the rest of the trip.

Jon left in the afternoon to go check us in to our hotel, then came back to get us. We went and got cleaned up, then headed back to Encinitas to have dinner at Ruby's with Doug & Holly, and their gang. It was a great day, and I am so thankful that they let us come stay. I think it was really fun for the kids, they don't hang out with those cousins as much as I'd like them to.

When we checked in we found out that we had been put on the concierge floor. We had no clue what that meant, until we fould the free lounge for that floor that had free drinks & food, tv & internet. Needless to say, everytime we walked by the kids went in and grabbed sodas & waters. We were definitely going to get our money's worth since we had to pay $20 bucks a day for parking!

More to come later...