I am actually draped in black cloth & holding her,
she just wasn't cooperating. Nothing like sitting
in a hot garage, covered on cloth, holding a
uncooperative baby. Good times...

Yesterday we headed over to Ashley's, of Sunshine & Shade Photography , to take some pics. It was kind of last minute, so I had Ashley used my camera, so I could do the editing for her. Have I told you how darling she is? I love her, I am so glad my sister introduced us, I really enjoy her friendship!

Macy was a stinker, what's new? Didn't get as many shots as I was hoping, but at least we got one good one! I love the single shots, can't wait to get them up in my front room.

Chloe heads off to girl's camp next week, I am blown away I have a child old enough for Lomia. She is excited, I am half & half. Lots to do this weekend, hope you guys have a great weekend!!!


Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVE the one of Macy pouting with all of the other kids' legs. LOVE IT! Don't you just love pictures? My camera got wet last week so I'm cameraless right now. Don't so much love THAT!

Shanna said...

These pictures are so good!! Ashley always does such nice pictures of your and Cami's kids! Macy is such a doll!!

Jen F. said...

I love these pictures! Does your friend Ashley take pictures for her job?

The Hills... said...

That first one of Macy is adorable...did you make those cute headbands?

I'm so excited to spend time with Chloe up at girls camp this week, she's got so much enthusiasm, I love it! I'll be counting on her to get the rest of the girls pumped up!

Andrea said...

Oh these pictures are FANTASTIC!!! Love the black background so the kids beautiful faces stand out :) Cute headbands!!