Manic "MOM"day


Start'em when they're young!

By the time my kids are 2 1/2 or 3, they have chores they can do. They may not be done perfectly, but they are done. Simple things like putting away their own laundry, unloading the silverware, setting the table, washing windows or walls. The earlier you start them, the better it is for them.

Now this will by no means make your Saturdays wonderful & happy, because most kids still don't like doing chores, but it helps them know what needs to be done if they have started when they were little. You have to give up a little control also, Cooper's drawers (and Chloe's for that matter) drive me crazy. I fold their clothes all neatly, and then they shove them into balls as they put them away, but it is better than putting all the laundry away by myself, after having washed it, dried it & folded it by myself! The silverware is sometimes in all the wrong slots in the drawer, but it got done. Start small, but see how it works.

We also have a reward system for chores. Next week I will explain how it works for us.


liz said...

this is honestly my fav photo you have ever posted. you could repost this one every day for life and I would still come back to your blog and smile every time.

and p.s. can this kid box or what?!

Angela Talbot said...

I really love this idea! thanks for your tips. I recently have had my 3 year old put his clothes away after doing laundry and I went in to check a few hours later and I couldn't find the clothes anywhere. After a few minutes of looking around, his fresh pile of laundry was in the hamper! Yes, its more work for me now but will pay off in the long run! Love the picture!