Manic "MOM"day

Another question I always get is "How do you do so many things with so many kids?" First let me say, it's not easy, but it's worth it! I don't want my kids to miss out on things we would do if we only had 1 or 2 kids. It wasn't their choice for us to have 5.

Lots of times it takes a whole lot of planning, a whole lot of saving, because it costs a whole lot of money to do things with a family of 7. You also have to be spontaneous. Life is short, do stuff now!

Right now we are in the planning stages of a vacation this summer, that we didn't think would happen. We got lucky that something came up, and we will be able to scrape the money together. In the meantime, we are going camping this weekend. I am always looking for things to do, places to go, experiences to experience.

As a parent you have to think like a kid. There are lots of things I don't like doing, but I know my kids do, so I do it. I want them to be kids, to enjoy kid things, and not to think things are stupid because they heard me say it was to someone else!

The Science Center is probably my least favorite, but my kids love it, so we continue to visit it. That's what being a mom is. The free tour at Cerreta's Chocolate Factory, the tour of the Arizona Republic, going to the Capitol to eat a picnic on the grass... These are things the kids will remember, and luckily, even if it turns out horribly, they usually don't remember it that way.

I chose the picture above because it represents just that. After Disneyland last November, we decided to head over to Newport to take pictures for my mom. It was insanely windy & cold. At first I wanted to just stay in the car and head home, but we dug through the dirty clothes to find sweatshirts, and headed into the storm. The sand was pelting our legs, the kids were freezing, I was freezing, but when I look at that picture I can't help but smile. Even though it was miserable, it was an adventure, they all look happy enough, and we all talked about it the whole way home. The kids couldn't believe the wind, they had never felt the sand on their legs like that. It was definitely worth it.

Don't put off doing things today. Even if it seems hard. Camping with Macy doesn't sound all that great, but I don't want to miss out. It's a memory I want to be there for. Plan something fun, out of the ordinary, to do with your kids. They will appreciate it ways you can't imagine. Years down the road, you will be so happy to hear them sharing their memories with you, and it will have been worth all the trouble. I guarantee it!

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Juliagullia said...

I'm such a terrible mom. I always say, when the house is clean and when you are good. THEN we'll do something. It never happens. Thanks for the insight. I'll do better.

I love your Manic "mom"day posts. They are helping me immensly! I enjoyed seeing you at the movie and meeting your sister. We should go next week, do you have time?