I hope I win!!!

I NEED this bike!

We have been doing a lot of riding lately, but one of us always has to stay home because I can't find a bike seat for Macy. This would solve all my problems, including having to ride super slow because Coop can't quite keep up. I could just pack them in! So I need all of your help, please click on the banner on the sidebar any time you visit, so it will increase my odds of winning!


Sheri said...

LOVE the bike. I hope you win!

Juliagullia said...

Clicking for your success! I'll be back again to click again. Best of luck!

liz said...

I hope you win too!

only, this picture makes my back hurt. I imagined myself on the bike, 8 1/2 months prego that I am and lugging evan and zane in the back and waving to mike in the sky on a plane and in this vision i began to cry because i started to bleed all over my back from idea of the back pain of riding that bike. you could say i'm feeling ready to have this little girl riiiiiiiiiight about now.

good luck! if you win can i get a ride? I'll find a nice downhill spot.

holdoug said...

And when your kids get too big to ride in it, Chloe and Andy can sell ice cream out of it in the summer!