Fantasy Friday

Since it's Mother's Day, I figure I should go all out. Maybe I'll get lucky!

I'd love to go to the movies!

This is Versace Versense perfume,
love it. (Also Dillard's has a great
gift set available right now, hint, hint!)

A pedicure.
Haven't had one since before Macy was born...

A beautiful ring

Found a deal for a cruise that leaves next weekend
for only $119 a person. Can you believe it?

Come to mama,
I want this soooooo bad!

I could see the pedicure or the movies maybe happening, but that is why this is Fantasy Friday. A girl can dream, right?


Sheri said...

All of those are excellent fantasies! Ian got me an IPod Touch for my birthday and I think I might love it as much as I love my children...is that bad?

Anonymous said...

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